​Plans starting at $7.99​ a month

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We partnered with Host Dungeon to provide you IT Solutions and Web Design products you can do on your own. Your own IT support for small businesses at your fingertips.

​Plans starting at $9.99 a month​

​Plans starting at $2.85 a month​

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IT support for small businesses

"We partnered with Host Dungeon to provide amazing products for your business.  With Host Dungeon you can enjoy 24/7 support for your self managed products.  The staff are highly knowledgeable and very helpful."

Managed and Self Managed plans on Linux or Windows

​Plans starting at $1.99 a month​​

Hosting accounts capable of handling 100's of thousands of people visiting your sites every month.  State of the art dashboard, full access to the back end files for uploads and so much more.

​The beginning of your journey.  Domains are the direct address to your new website.​

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Plans starting as low as $3.99 a month

Email solutions to fit all budgets on IMAP or POP.  Featured plan is our Unlimited Business Email which comes with 5 users and unlimited storage.

​Starting at $49 a year​

"Need more from your hosting account?  We have Virtual or Dedicated servers that can handle anything you need to do and are all capable of using WordPress or other well known building platforms.  You have the choice of going fully managed or manage it on your own, either way we are here to help and make your experience a great one!" ​

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Giving small business a level playing field with the big guys

Self Managed Services

Are you tired of your business managing you?

Managed services for small businesses who need a stellar online presence.

​Managed and Self Managed plans​ on Linux and Windows

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​Other companies will charge you double for the same services.

Managed Services

Every business needs support.  We do that through IT Solutions

Email Solutions

We will provide and create up to 5 users with necessary folder structures and forwarding in place.  We ensure that your email is tested on both internal and external organizations to ensure when you receive your finished products they will work immediately.  Each user will be able to send and receive email and have unlimited storage.  Additional users can be purchased for an additional fee.  The initial 5 users will be free for the first year.  Click here for further information

Professionally developed website​

We will create a website with as many pages as you need.  Our packages start at 3 pages and go up to 10 pages included in the packages.  Additional pages will be created for an additional fee.  When we build your site we make it search engine friendly by adding common keywords throughout the content that are related to your industry.  Through these keywords you can be found from anywhere at any time.  We will include up to 10 images or videos per page.  Click here for additional information.

Local Directory Management

With this service we have the ability to add you to a multitude of directories with a customer base you wouldn't normally reach without being published there.  We will add you to Yelp, Google+, TripAdvisor and so much more.  Through these directories you will be able to get reviews that will bring you more business.  We will respond to requests and inquiries as well as respond to review posts in order to show that you are active and caring about your customers.  When responding to customers quickly and regularly it helps build your reputation.  Click here for more information.


We will market your business across multiple platforms including your directories and social media pages.  What we also include is email marketing campaigns that are catchy and designed to bring existing customers back and bring you more new customers.  Campaigns include links to social media pages.  Click here for more information.